Geert Kristina Qplus

Our Business

Qplus consult is your trusted expert in medicinal products, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics for:
GxP and ISO Quality Management
(Pharmaco-)Vigilance and Medical
Regulatory Affairs
Medical Affairs

Qplus consult BV is a full service and independent consultancy firm based in Zaventem – Belgium that truly puts clients first.

Client service is part of our culture and we advise our clients on developing innovative solutions to help them to achieve their (pharmaco-)vigilance, regulatory, GxP/ISO-compliance and business objectives.

We place your business-specifics, your needs centrally and care about patient safety.

Our main focus is to build a long-term relationship with each of our clients on providing a service of excellence in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

To meet these expectations, we have a team of enthusiastic and experienced consultants are dedicated to providing optimum service every day and used to work together since a long time. Thanks to extensive internal and external training, Qplus consult’s consultants remain up to date and work according to the most current legislation and regulations.

Implementing an efficient communications flow and reporting as well as regular feedback meetings with you form the foundation of our successful collaboration. This close relationship with our clients and the knowledge of specific life science and medtech business enable us to deliver tailor-made services in Europe and Switzerland.

Those who choose Qplus consult know that information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and in the safest possible manner. Those who choose Qplus consult know that our work is carried out correctly and efficiently, ensuring that our services provide your company or organisation with more than just added value.

Our Story

Qplus consult BV was founded in February 2010 by Kristina Bindus, industrial pharmacist.

‘Is your quality system in a good shape?’ – was one of our first challenges: bringing quality systems to a higher compliant status and its implementation within pharmaceutical companies, followed by management and auditing suppliers of pharmaceutical companies. Our company got a great expansion over past years and today our team of motivated experts work hard each day to deliver our clients in the best quality services.

Production plants, distribution centers and supply companies in Belgium and abroad all rely on Qplus consult’s many years of experience when it comes to quality management, pharmacovigilance, medical, registration of products, GxP audits, clinical research and training.

Qplus consult offers more then added value:
High Quality service
Thinking with you to benefit your organisation

Our Vision and Client Promise

Our client promise is: ‘Quality in everything we do and Service Delivery’.

We’re committed to quality and to your compliance.

We redeem it by providing our clients the insight they need for informed decisions that make a difference in regulatory affairs management, (pharmaco-)vigilance & medical, quality management, suppliers management & auditing, and training of their people.

We give business leaders the means to structure, measure, monitor, and improve the processes and capabilities of their organisation. Armed with the right insight business leaders dare to make changes required to achieve significate better results for GxP/ISO compliance with smarter processes.

Our guarantee for realisation of High-Quality Services

The Quality Guarantee is a system put in place by Qplus consult to ensure that our consultants are enabled to be successful at Qplus consult, and are enabled to deliver services of exceptional quality to you.

The Quality Guarantee system is based on principles of ISO9001 (quality management), ISO27001/GDPR (IT security & data protection), ISO13485 (medical devices) and ISO29990 (learning services).

Our Quality Guarantee sets out Quality Expectations with Governance, Policies, procedures & Work Instructions, and records as key elements.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping organisations produce the highest quality products, and we believe that quality management should have a positive impact on your bottom line.

We’ve established tailored quality management systems for more than 15 years.

We brought industry best practices to the life sciences sector, and we’ve worked for the world’s leading and mid-size bio- and pharmaceutical and medtech companies to enhance their quality processes, positively impact their operational performance, and achieve regulatory success.

Stop receiving negative or not satisfactory inspections or audits from contract givers.

Prepare to succeed with Qplus consult.

Our Values

Our Business Values are: Client First, Dedication, Loyalty, Passion, Professionalism & Performance.

Together they describe our operational culture and work community, and as such form the base for further success and growth of the company.